Events at the Farm

Events at the Farm

There's always something happening on the farm - ways to get involved, ways to learn!

Children's Nature Days

Weekly educational - and always fun - days of exploration, adventure and learning on our jungle farm, for local or visiting kids aged 5-12.

Workshops and Courses

Hands-on experiential learning directly on the farm.
Half-day, day-long, and multi-day formats covering a variety of sustainability and bio-dynamic themes.

Certifications (Online option)

Permaculture Certification Online, or In-Person at our Jungle Farm in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica.


For the whole family, private or public, and even children's options!

Upcoming Events Calendar

There's always something happening on the farm - ways to get involved, ways to learn!

January 2023

Children's Nature Days
Each and every week!
Permaculture Certification
Regenarative Agriculture

February 2023

Introduction to Permaculture: Principals & Practices

Bio-Dynamic Farming

March 2023

Permaculture for the home garden

Organic Gardening: Home Vegetables

April 2023

Permaculture Certification Course

Medicinal Plants for the Home

May 2023

Hands-On Permaculture: Principals & Practices

Sustainable Urban Living

June 2023

Permaculture Certification

Sustainability, Bio-Dynamic Living and Permaculture 101
Question & Answer
I don't see the event I am interested in on your calendar... ?

Courses and workshops are always happening here, every week, on a rolling basis. We do not update our calendar with all these (we are simply not online that much!), but rather those in the calendar are "special" events planned for group learning.
Events are planned monthly based on the desires and interests of participants, so contact us today with your interest and we will let you know when the next upcoming events of interest are.

Do you offer group events?

Groups are a specialty of ours!
We have been hosting private groups - from nature enthusiast to urban office groups, classes and school groups to yoga retreats - since 2008.
With complete custom programming, module and trip planning, contact us today to talk about your interests.

Do you accept private bookings?

Yes. Contact us today with your interests.