Experiential-Learning & Growth

Make a Change in Your Life

Since 2008, hundreds of adults young & seasoned alike have joined us for an experience like no other
in reconnecting with themselves,
by reconnecting with nature, with the life around us,
and through hard work - physical, mental & often emotional - and hands-on life-altering experiences,
finding a refreshed or renewed internal balance.

You choose, you guide,
you set your goals
Combine our Life-Learning with hands-on training & education
Discover whole new levels of
truly Sustainable Living

Personal-Growth Opportunities


Discover what it means to live simply.

Discover what it means to live with you, within you.

Discover something new about living in community, living with others.

Discover Something New... About Yourself.

Discover new approaches to life by connecting with nature and yourself.

... a Hands-On experience.

Learn new life-long skills by doing, through experience.

  • Life-learning.
  • Community living.
  • Self-care.

A nature-immersion experience...



Personal Growth

begin in you

  • It all starts with Self-care.
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Respect
  • Taking charge of all aspects of your daily life
  • Healthy Diet, Healthy Mind
  • Guided Meditation (optional daily)
  • Realizing Your Power & Ability to Do & Accomplish

our sphere


around you

  • Connect with YOUR loved ones.
  • Healthy Communication
  • Comfort in Yourself
  • Confidence in Self-Expression
  • Confidence & Trust in Others

...and beyond

Life and Community

with others

  • Feel the comfort to BE.
  • Leadership & Team-Building Skills
  • Group Communication
  • Community Connection
  • The power of empathy

Want to know more?

If you are searching for more information on joining us for a personal-growth experience, or are looking for more details previously found here, please note that our program is on hold as of Spring 2023, as we undergo some programming changes. Contact us to learn more.