Volunteer / Work-Exchange

Volunteer and Work-Exchange Opportunities

We offer a variety of academic/student-exchange scenarios tailored to best suit our own research, learning and sharing objectives combined with
those of the academic institution/researcher/student as suited to their particular situation, logistically and otherwise.

Hands-On Experiences
Academic Teaching
Sustainable Living
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About Our Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how you can be involved
in the work we are doing on our own farm, in local communities, nationally and internationally,
by volunteering with us in our cacao forest!

Ongoing Volunteer Projects

Vegetable Gardens
Creation, Expansion, Maintenance
Educational Trails
Garden Care, Cleaning Flower
Banana Stewardship
Garden Care, Snow Removal
Sustainable Building
Lawn Movers
Cacao Stewardship
Garden Care, Lawn Cutter
Communications & Media
Photography, Video, Online Relations

What's Involved

Permaculture Design
  • Daily stewardship, up-keep, maintenance and harvesting on the farm.
  • Gardens, medicinal plants, trees, trails and facilities stewardship.
  • Aid in sustainable building, bio-dynamic permaculture-based farm stewardship and/or other special farm projects.
  • 5 hours of farm or project work, 5 days per week.
  • Living in community with others from around the world.
  • A shared passion for life and ecology.
Years hosting Volunteers locally
Intern/Volunteer Stays
Farmer-Families Connected With

Volunteer Stay Options


4-6 weeks

  • Up to 6-week stay for only $5/day


6-8 weeks

  • Completely FREE stay
  • Learn new skills through your own Personal Project
  • Learn about Sustainable Living, Permaculture
  • Learn about Sustainable Living, Permaculture


For beginners

8 weeks +

  • Completely FREE stay
  • Basic food & kitchen items provided to you
  • Learn new skills in your own Personal Project
  • Connect with your choice of farm projects

If you'd rather just visit us for a

short stay

and sample a sustainable, jungle life,
we have a unique option for you.


3+ nights

  • Special stay option for travelers on-the-go!
  • Nightly stays as little as $15/night*
  • Experience off-grid, fully-sustainable living
  • 'Disconnect' from the stresses of daily life
  • Immerse in the jungle, surrounded by wildlife
  • Discover bio-dynamic, organic farming
  • Enjoy the fruits of our food and medicinal forest
Nightly Stay Options

* $15/nt@3-4wks, $20/nt@2-3wks, $25/nt@1-2wks


3+ months

  • Our deepest-learning volunteer program.
  • Absolutely free stay
  • All basic food & kitchen expenses provided
  • Receive specialized training in your project area
  • Personalized project pairing
  • Gain real-world hands-on experience
Internship Info

... Or if you want to go all in,
stay longer,
and experience even

deeper learning

How to Apply

1. Read through all our Volunteer information pages
       to ensure you feel the fit is right for you.
2. Use the link to our application form in the Volunteer menu
       to begin your application request.
3. We'll be in touch to communicate about the details and timing
       of your volunteer request.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does volunteering cost?

Nothing. If you are able to come as a full-term Volunteer, Work-Exchange or Internship your stay is absolutely free.
If you are coming for a full Work-Exchange or Internship, some of your meals are also covered for you.

Do you have projects that are not listed on these pages?

Absolutely. Many. We only list here our most basic on-going projects. Ask us to learn about others.

How early should I apply?

It depends on the type of stay you are applying for.
Volunteers most often apply months before their arrival, but sometimes if we have cancellations or openings a week or two could do. For a Work-Exchange or Internship, more time is required to customize your program of learning.
Travelers and short-term Helpers can reserve their space with as little as a few days notice if space exists, but more time in advance helps to ensure your space.